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Jjimdak is a very popular dish in Andong. It is comprised of chicken, glass noodles, potatoes, carrots, and onion. I haven’t read anything interesting about its origins, so there really isn’t that much to say about it (except that it is delicious). As I stated in a previous post, Andong is known for its chicken dishes. This is in part because of its strong religious ties, but it also may have to do with its location. Andong is farther inland than all of the other cities that I have studied, meaning that fish is probably less accessible to this city. This, paired with the fact that Buddhism and Confucianism have historically limited the consumption of beef, makes it understandable that Andong is known for a chicken based dish like jjimdak.

My first attempt at jjimdak simmering in a sauce pan (Recipe courtesy of Aeri’s Kitchen)


Sempio Jjimdak Recipe

The Kimchi Chronicles: The Chicken Chronicles

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“Hallyu”, a.k.a the Korean Pop Culture Wave, has made South Korea notorious for its nip tucked celebrities and strenuous processes to reach pop stardom. Don’t get me wrong, I love K-Pop immensely: although moderate in my following of K-Pop pairings (pseudo marriages between different members of a K-Pop group), I listen to certain groups to the extent that I sing and dance to their songs (with little avail). However, my Korean friends (all two of them) have made me reevaluate how accurate Korean pop culture represents Korean culture. Although K-Pop has put South Korea in the limelight recently, it has so much more to offer and to be known as besides a country that produces pop stars and celebrities. This blog will be my personal exploration of the Korean culture through its food, history, and contemporary issues.

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